Market forces

December 11, 2020


I live in Seattle with my husband Scott, my daughter Audrey and our Siamese cat Layla.  I have been interested in markets, all kinds of markets and even the forces that create markets for sometime. Seeing how there are so many markets in the world I will focus on just Seattle Markets.  That too is probably too many.  Ok, start with Real Estate Markets for the close in neighbourhoods of Seattle.  But sometimes I will not want to talk about Real Estate; it could feel like beating a dead horse or popping a huge helium balloon, too gross or too noisy. 

So I might like to talk about food, art, furniture, tech, restaurants, wine, water, street, free, garden, slave, media, money, fish, design, knowledge and anything else that comes to mind at the time of my next post.  Mostly it will be about Residential Real Estate for sale or lease.  That is what I do with most of my time when I am not bringing up Audrey, or living through my husband’s last golf game.  I like to golf too.  So there you have it, seattle markets all rolled into one place.  Read on.