Less is More…Feeling Good about 2014

December 28, 2020


It is a sunny Friday in Seattle….take advantage of today’s mood to start planning for the year ahead! Whether your goal in 2014 is purchasing a new house, or revamping your current home…getting organized makes either task less daunting and gives a general sense of joy. Simplifying your life begins with organizing what you have and getting rid of what you don’t need.  Apartment Therapy has great ideas and tips on how to get organized, one area at a time…which makes weekends a perfect time to get projects done. Their tips are helpful either for getting your home ready to stage to sell or for starting the year off, feeling like you are organized and ready for a great year ahead. Spring is when the market heats up…if you have any questions about the current market or are thinking about buying or selling, please contact us.