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3,140 Sqft

7034 Sycamore Ave NW

United States , Washington , Seattle


1,110 Sqft

4412 Meridian Ave N

United States , Washington , Seattle


3,400 Sqft

2910 9th Ave W

United States , Washington , Seattle


2,300 Sqft

1819 Nob Hill Ave N

United States , Washington , Seattle


2,210 Sqft

2530 13th Ave W

United States , Washington , Seattle

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How do I apply?

Complete the application and read the Screening Criteria. Submit to Urban Dwell by email.

How is the screening process conducted?
How long will it take to approve an application?
How long do I have to sign a lease?

Move in

What is a move in fee?

If you moving into one of our condominium units there is a fee collected by the HOA. No fee for single
family homes.

Move In process
How do I pay my rent, utilities or other fees
How do I communicate with my Landlord

Move out

Move out process

On your last day: leave the keys and garage clickers in a kitchen drawer. Lock the house. Leave the house
clean and all garbage in the provider container. An Urban Dwell Broker will complete the move out form and calculate any fees for repairs or replacements. Your deposit will be returned, net of expenses, within 21 days of the lease end-date.

Early Lease Termination